General Linux Tech

New Hardware

I have new hardware for both my workstation and a server. It has been fun building and configuring both boxes. I would say that I an about done with configuration and have automated several tasks, especially backups.


Schedule Change

Well it is of to second shift with me and I don’t see me getting off that shift for a while. I think I may actually like the schedule….

Geocaching Tech


Well I must say that was pretty good. I was mucking about with the site and found an old perl script that built a logo for putting stats on. It didn’t work. I got an error 500 internal server error. I started to put in a ticket at a small orange and I see a chat button – so I click on it. A tech help person comes on line and takes a look at the script and makes some suggestions and I ask him if all the libs are installed and he says wait a minute and reinstalls the perl modules and binary file and within 20 minutes the script is working again. It is something I built a long time ago to make a little logo for stats for for Isonzo Karst.

If anyone is interested I can make the image more generic so others could use it… I had forgotten all about this script. I would say that asmallorange did a great job.

General Linux


I just installed thinkup on this site because I heard Leo and Gina talk about it on triangulation and wanted to try it out. I don’t do a whole lot of blogging yet so I don’t know how useful it will be, but it is here and it looks like i can enable it for more than one person.



any update on this???

Been doing some of the back end not so glamorous work of geocaching reviewing and I am attempting to automate the disabled part. If a cache falls off the back end it needs to be found and archived. I am putting together macros for GSAK to help automate this for myself and hopefully others.


Yearly setup of Linux

It seems like every year about this time I decide to do something with Linux on the desktop and this year has been no exception. Windows is starting to thrash the disk because I have crammed so much stuff on there and I have so many programs running.


Happy Trail Tree


I took my usual bike ride north on the withlacoochee state trail. It was a little later than usual and I was kind of hurrying along because the temperature was a little chilly. On the way back. I noticed a glint of Christmas ornament! I stopped and went back. sure enough, someone had placed Christmas ornaments on a tree right next to the trail!Christmas Decorations on the trail